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RigsEye is a service provided by Position Tracking Systems, Inc. that allows real-time remote monitoring of drilling rigs. Through satellite and/or cellular technology, data is securely transmitted to our datacenter to be available via the internet to our customers through a secure login.

Custom reports, safety alerts, GPS and weather information give our customers a full slate of information about the safety and condition of their drilling rigs in near real-time with the capability to be accessed anywhere.

All this is possible through our proprietary Data Acquisition Board. It integrates with Posi-Stop products, GPS, CAN Bus Systems, and Weather Station to provide all the data our customers need to monitor the rig and its environment.

In addition, we provide video monitoring as well to help our customers literally keep an eye on rig activities.

Through a secure login, our customer can access the RigsEye Dashboard. Additionally, we provide CAN Bus information for preventive maintenance purposes.

Through RigsEye, our customers can set up alert limits as well as the method they wish to be alerted (e.g. text message, email, Dashboard audio alarms). Contact information associated to the rig is easily displayed to allow you to reach out to the operator in charge to find out more information if necessary.

RigsEye is fully compatible with the Posi-Stop System. For more information about this product you can visit Posi-Stop website. You can learn more about this product on our latest Rigseye presentation.

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